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New Vehicle Inventory System

Looking to maximize your dealerships resources?

Our New Vehicle Inventory System is a inventory management solution that can do just that. Here are three of the major issues our inventory management program corrects:

Improve Product Mix

Reduce Floor Plan

Save on Interest Cost

Improve Your Product Mix
The inventory control program lists your makes, models, equipment, and color of all vehicles in your inventory. The inventory control system makes you aware of the fastest moving vehicles in your inventory by model, equipment and color. This gives you the complete freedom to stock the fasting-moving vehicles based on day’s supply and inventory criteria you designate.

Reduce Your Floor Plan
Our inventory control systems reduce the inventory of the vehicles that stay around forever. Then you can stock the selection that your customers are buying.

Save on Interest Cost
As you know, cars that stay around forever cost you money. Using our inventory control procedures you’ll only stock the fastest-moving vehicles, you’ll sell your cars at a faster rate, which diminishes interest costs.

What can I expect for my Dealership? With our inventory management systems you can expect access to the buying habits of your customers, the ability to forecast demand and order vehicles to meet your customers’ preferences, with floorplan cost cut from 50 - 100%, as well as up-to-date weekly reports and analysis of your complete inventory.

If you're interested in recieving more information on invenory control programs or having an Achiever Group Representative contact you click here.