Achiever Group

Who Are Our Clients?

The target clients for the Achiever Group, Inc. will be organizations that gross a hundred twenty five thousand dollars or more per month. This will take in about 72-74% of the businesses in the country.

These organizations are split into three classes with each class requiring different interventions and different methods of implementation.

The classes are:

  1. Turnaround organizations. This is where an organization's trends are going down and the future looks like there is no change in sight. This type of organization requires crisis management and drastic measures to change the way the business is heading. Our first priority is to insure the organization is profitable and able to survive.

  2. The second category is an upgrade. This is where the organization trend is marginally profitable. This owner and his people need interventions that will improve the bottom line while training the personnel to achieve maximum performance in all areas.

  3. The third category is the organization that is successful and the owner wants to grow at a faster rate than he is presently growing. Our job in this instance will be to develop and map out a game plan that will allow the client to grow at the fastest rate they can without overextending a solid foundation.

It has been found through experience that most of our clients will be in the first and second group and it will be our responsibility to assist them to grow and attain the third category.

Below are just some of our client's results:

  • For a national consumer beverage organization, Achiever Group Consultants re-engineered the sales and marketing process, resulting in 5% annual sales increase, in a 3% declining market.
  • For a financial services organization, Achiever Group Consultants improved key account management processes. Within one month of our work being completed, one account manager saved a $4 million dollar account.
  • A major consumer packaged goods company achieved more than a million dollar profit payback over six months through our assistance in the area of core competency development and implementation.

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