Achiever Group


The ACHIEVER GROUP, INC. is an international management consulting assisting organizations achieve their goals, through planning, integrating and training. As such, we have developed methods and processes to deliver needed training and consulting services to the business community.

Our organization takes advantage of the latest in personal and group communication technology to formulate and achieve transformation and change.

In the highly competitive arena that is today's business world, the ACHIEVER GROUP, INC. can give you the edge you need to rise above the crowd. We will help you chart a course that will take you and your organization into the 21st century as a highly profitable organization that will benefit you, and the people that depend on you.

The professionals in the ACHIEVER GROUP, INC. have each been serving clients for several years, averaging more than 20 years per person. We have joined together into the ACHIEVER GROUP, INC. because:

  • We can better serve clients with our combined resources
  • We share a common philosophy of integrity, client service and mutual respect
  • We learn from each other, continuing our own professional growth
  • Individually and collectively, we have a deep desire to help our clients be efficient, competitive, and profitable, both short-term and long-term
  • We choose to be around others who share these values and philosophies.

The consulting members of the ACHIEVER GROUP, INC. are all trained in Human Achievement Technology and Process Consulting. We believe that people are the greatest asset of every organization and that these people have resources that will allow an organization to achieve excellence. This belief allows us to work with all levels of people in a company to assist them in achieving their full potential as productive employees.