Achiever Group


We help clients build organizations that will respond to change in ways that increase market share and net profit. This will allow them to achieve double the national average of their industry's net profit as a percentage of sale. Our group interacts and assists our clients in identifying their personal and professional goals and developing a strategy for obtaining these goals. We will then aid the client in identifying and gaining the resources needed to obtain their objectives.

We offer our clients a unique combination of advantages:

  • A Fresh Look at their Business - We can be as radical as our clients wish, challenging the assumptions and the status quo so they can indeed achieve dramatic business improvement.
  • Total Business Solution - We can effectively assist in virtually all areas of a business enterprise, both domestically and internationally, including materials, manufacturing, information systems, organization, accounting, quality, sales, marketing and engineering.

  • Attitude - We earn our clients' trust by delivering what we promise, on budget and on schedule, and by working as partners to help our clients achieve their goals.

We differ from many other consulting firms in our approach.

  • We work with clients, rather than "for" our clients, to insure that client personnel have the ownership, knowledge and commitment to continue to use our solutions without our help.
  • We work on behalf of our clients, by training client personnel in the tools and techniques needed to develop their own solutions to their problems rather than merely providing recommendations.
  • We apply our wealth of experience to ask the right questions, that help our clients define their real problems and find the right answers for their unique situation, rather than selling canned answers that only address symptoms.